About the Whaley House Museum

March 15, 2018
Category: San Diego Attractions

Built back in 1857 by Thomas Whaley in San Diego, the Whaley house was claimed to be “finest new brick block in Southern California” after construction was finished. Along with being the finest on the block, the Whaley residence was also the first and only two-story brick home at that time and was also known for being a general store for a short period of time. After several moves to and from San Diego throughout the next decade or so, the Whaley family eventually returned to the old brick house. After a few family tragedies and Thomas moving back to New York, the house remained desolate and empty from 1890, until one of Thomas’ sons, Francis Whaley, returned to it in 1909 and began restoration of the building as well as opening it up as a tourist attraction where he told the family history and enticed guests to visit the place with his guitar. Several remaining family members and friends lived in the house from then on until the death of Corrinne Lillian Whaley, Thomas’ daughter, in 1953. It was from this date on until 2002 that the house once again sat empty and fell into disrepair, until the Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO) gained stewardship of the property and restored the house to its former glory.

What is there to do?

Located on San Diego Avenue in San Diego, the home offers different packages for you and your family to choose from to pick the best experience. Daytime tours are self-guided and are designed so you can explore the Whaley house at your own pace and learn about how 19th century San Diegans lived as well as learn about the haunted folklore that surrounds the house. Along with daytime tours, the Whaley House Museum also offers nighttime tours, group and school tours, ghost hunting tours, and private after-hours tours. The school tours are available for students in grades K-12 where they will be shown a slideshow presentation about the history of the house as well as a Q&A, and will then be followed by a self-guided tour and a guided tour of the Adobe Chapel.

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