Attend the Festival of Lights in San Diego

October 15, 2018
Category: San Diego Events

San Diego is a beautiful city that is full of amazing attraction and events that can’t be found anywhere else in the state. Known for being the location for many concerts and theatrical performances, San Diego is the city to vacation for those who share an interest in appreciating artwork and amazing choreography, and there is no better place to travel to attend an event that will make your travels their worthwhile. To start, we recommend attending the Festival of Lights.

About the Festival of Lights
The Festival of Lights is hosted by the San Diego Indian American Society in association with the San Diego Museum of Art. This event celebrates the eleventh annual Diwali celebration. This festival stands to provide insight into the best virtues in humanity through the amazing display of lights. This demonstration stands to symbolize how people must search for light even in darkness, just as we must find love in hatred.

This event will feature dancing and musical performances throughout the night while displaying the cultural significance of the celebration. In many ways, guests attending the festival will be introduced to the perspective of Indian American culture and artwork while appreciating a gorgeous display of lights and candle work. Food will be provided for guests at this festival by local Indian restaurants.

Also included in this festival is the annual Festival of Dolls which typically runs from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Ancient Large Lamps Exhibition, the Individual State Revue, and Rainbow Dances. The Festival of Dolls will offer guests an insight into Indian American culture through various artifacts provided by the community. The dances held throughout the evening are also representations of this culture and are bound to make attending this festival worthwhile. Music will be performed through the night during each of these events and showings, promising that this event will be one to remember.

The 2018 Festival of Lights for the annual Diwali celebration is held during October in Balboa Park. Admission is usually $5 per person and is absolutely free for those under the age of twelve years old.

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