Spend a Perfect Day at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego

January 15, 2018
Category: San Diego Attractions

Cabrillo National Monument is a unique San Diego attraction, drawing tens of thousands of tourists every year. Once you have explored The Zoo and spent a day at SeaWorld, you will be drawn to Balboa Park and Midway Museum, Maritime Museum, and Cabrillo National Monument. Located at 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, the monument marks the first Spanish expedition to the west coast. This predates English and other expeditions in the region. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed from Mexico in 1542 and landed at what we today know as San Diego Bay. The discovery is ingrained in the history and evolution of the place, not just San Diego but the entire region.

About Cabrillo National Monument

The monument is definitely a popular draw among tourists but locals are also attracted to the hiking and views of San Diego that The Monument provides. The Cabrillo Monument itself is dedicated to the explorer and offers incredible views of The Pacific. You should explore the Rocky Intertidal Zone or the Cabrillo Tidepools. The tide pools at Cabrillo are heavily inhabited by sea life. Another prominent feature to explore is the Point Loma Lighthouses that offer insight into the settler history of San Diego.

You can visit the Cabrillo National Monument at any time of the year. Some sections of the park close at 4 p.m. You can drive into the National Park Service administered monument by paying $10 for your car, $7 for a motorbike and $5 for bicycles or if you are walking. Buses and other commercial vehicles are charged $30 to $100 depending on the size of the group.

To plan and spend a perfect day at Cabrillo National Monument, you should be aware of the alerts issued by the National Park Service. There are state and federal laws compelling closures of certain parts in accordance with the Maritime Mammal Protection Act. Poor weather and dangerous conditions are taken into account while restricting public access. For instance, severely low or high tides are not the best time for you to explore caves or tide pools. Be always alert and have all the updates at your fingertips by visiting: https://www.nps.gov/cabr/index.htm

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